Zen River Sangha

Zen River Sangha follows the Japanese Rinzai Zen Buddhist tradition and is affiliated with the Hollow Bones Rinzai Order.

Practicing in Appleton, Wisconsin, this sangha gives instruction in Zen Buddhist philosophy and practice.

This sangha strives to bring into being a harmonious and loving world through the practice of meditative, compassionate awareness and mindful stewardship.

Additionally, we endeavor to create a community of purposeful inclusion and mutual respect that comes together for the purpose of meditation, dharma study, and the support of a practicing sangha. To these ends, we welcome all beings of all ages, educational and socioeconomic statuses, political perspectives, racial and cultural identities and backgrounds, nationalities, gender identities and expressions, sexual and affectional orientations, religious beliefs and backgrounds, marital statuses, family structures, ex offender statuses, and mental and physical health and ability.

Join us in awakening our hearts and minds.

We offer weekly practice on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Saturday includes a sutra service, zazen (sitting meditation), kinhin (walking meditation), daisan (private interview with a teacher), and a dharma talk, and Wednesday is a similar but shorter offering. We also offer opportunities for private interviews with our priests by appointment, and open meditation nights (without formal service) twice a month.