Our Practice

  • Zen Service
  • 2 sessions of kinhin (walking meditation)
  • 2 sessions of zazen (sitting meditation)
  • Dharma talk

Newcomers or Visitors … You are Welcome!

If you have not had prior experience with meditation, we suggest that you arrive about 15 minutes early for some instruction on sitting. Dress casually in comfortable, loose-fitting attire – dark clothing without graphics if possible.

Please be seated 5 minutes before the sit begins. Our service consists of readings, chanting, and bowing practice. The service is followed by a brief period of walking meditation (kinhin). After this, there are two silent sitting meditation periods (zazen) of about 25 minutes each with a 5-10 minute walking meditation (kinhin) between them. At 8:00pm Wednesday/ 9:00am Saturday, there will be a brief silent break, followed by a dharma talk and discussion.

If you are unable to be there for the start of the service, the best practice is to enter during the walking meditation periods – shortly after 6:50pm Wednesday/7:50am Saturday and again at 7:25pm Wednesday/8:25am Saturday. If you need to leave, it is also in keeping with etiquette to leave during the walking meditation periods or before the dharma talk.

Priests and teachers are available after the dharma talk for further discussion or questions.

If you have any questions you’d like answered ahead of time, please reach out to us via email!