ZRS Board Minutes – July 28, 2018

20180728 ZR Board Minutes

Attendees: Jian Zhi, Kai Hiu, Liaoran, Taiso

Convened at 9:55 a.m.



  1. Financials
    1. Review of expenses handout provided by Kai Hui
    2. Discussion of building purchase feasibility
      1. Reishin hoping ZRS can purchase the building by June 2020; would like to know decision by December 2019
        1. Yearly building expenses provided by Reishin for review; review of income/expenses projection provided by Kai Hui
          1. Current income is just less than what base cost would be; would need to add $500 to monthly income to “just get by”
          2. Building purchase would require ZRS to assume full responsibility for the building; would need additional income increase to cover building maintenance
          3. Other variable to consider is ZRS capability of building purchase in terms of credit
        2. Building purchase must come with intentional effort to increase income by 50-100 percent
          1. Intention would need to be presented to the sangha to involve them in meeting goals; should be primary focus
            1. Board agrees to hold a sangha meeting to discuss this development; November 17 chosen for brunch potluck following sit with a goal to get messaging out before meeting in fall newsletter
          2. Other ideas for increasing income to cover building expenses:
            1. Rent unused building spaces
            2. Share the ZRS story with the international Buddhist community as well as Hollow Bones to attract financial support
              1. Generating meaningful content for social media would support this effort but would require time and energy
            3. Host events and retreats, give talks, etc., to generate income
  2. Subcommittee Reports/Updates
    1. Building & Grounds – Matt
      1. No update from Matt
      2. Jian Zhi updated committee head listed on website
    2. Zendo Cleaning – Reishin
      1. No update other than that Reishin introduced an “adopt-a-room” policy last week; all Zen center rooms have been claimed by regular practice attendees, who accept the ongoing responsibility of keeping the room clean
    3. Zendo Opening – Myoshin
      1. Myoshin happy to continue in the role of opening coordinator
    4. Newsletter – Jian Zhi
      1. Jian Zhi and Myoshin have communicated about switching to biannual production of newsletter; recommended timing is September and March (Fall and Spring); any feedback on the newsletter from the board or Zen River priests is welcome
        1. The board is in support of this change
        2. Next newsletter should acknowledge the change in timing
        3. Would be good to coordinate timing of next newsletter with November sangha meeting (late September issue)
    5. Library – Taiso
      1. No update
    6. Timing for yearly reassessment of committee chairs (suggested by Kai Hui at last meeting)?
      1. Board agrees to assess committee chairs as needed
  3. Review of comment cards & requests for board agenda topics
    1. Results of communication with foreign Bikku requesting invitation for visa
      1. Liaoran followed up but heard nothing
  4. Old Business
  5. New Business
    1. Request from Manju to take a sabbatical this fall
      1. Planned for October
      2. Taiso to take Manju’s priest weeks with Liaoran covering as needed

Adjourned at 11:55 a.m.