Zen River Business Meeting Notes

Notes from the November 3rd Sangha meeting: Zen River Sangha Business Meeting Thank you to all who participated, and to Lask for taking notes.

On Refuge and the Growth of Sangha

By Taiso Hannya Byron Bartow Roshi, ZRS Head Priest, excerpted from the September 2017 ZRS newsletter We have recently engaged in some discussion about our community and how we might grow and deepen. This column shares some thoughts about this. The three refuges or jewels 

Women’s Roles in Buddhism and Christianity

Noelle Korzeniewski invited Reishin, Kevala, and Liaoran, along with a number of Christian pastors, to participate in her Religion Senior Seminar final paper project. Her project is an analysis of women’s roles in Buddhism and Christianity and is an interesting and thoughtful read. Women’s Roles 

Fundraising and Community Involvement

Dear Sangha Family and Friends, Recently, a small sangha focus group met to discuss the future of Zen River Sangha. The overwhelming message that came out of this meeting was our desire and intention to continue to help Zen River mature as a community, which