Taiso Hannya Byran Bartow Roshi

Taiso has studied and practiced Buddhism, T’ai Chi, and other eastern arts since the 1970’s. He has practiced Zen with Hollow Bones and several midwest groups. Taiso received Jukai in the Hollow Bones Rinzai Order with Jun Po Kelly, Roshi in 2005 and received Hollow Bones Priest Ordination on Mother’s Day, 2007. Taiso received Inka, dharma transmission on December 3, 2011. He currently serves as head priest of Zen River Sangha and Secretary of Friends of Zen.

He earned a BS Ed degree in Human Services and a Master of Public Administration degree. Since recovering from addiction in the 1970’s, Taiso actualizes the mission of easing suffering and service through support of this journey. His recent professional experience involves leadership of treatment programs at the nexus of the mental health and criminal justice fields. He has also taught courses in social science, technology, and research methods. Among varied interests, he is a father, sailor, scholar, and patron of the arts.

Planting Hollow Bones
Plowing noisy fields
with silence …
screeching wonder,
gulls swoop and whirl.
Awakening sews
pregnant being …
empty moment
winnowing yeses …
Such knows.

Reishin Dai Nei Denise Leong

Reishin Dai Nei Denise Leong has been a member of the Zen River Sangha in Wisconsin since 2005, took jukai vows in 2007, and was ordained as a priest in December, 2010.

Her journey on this path has been filled with excitement and opportunity. She embraces a life filled with joy, compassion, equanimity, and loving kindness, knowing that everything is burning. To her sangha, she sends eternal gratitude for their love and support throughout these years.

Reishin spent forty-two years as a teacher in middle school, high school, and college; she recently retired from her last job as an IT director for a public school system. She lives a quiet life in rural Wisconsin with her husband and fondly remembers her Zen Master mother who challenged her daily with the same koan: “What time is it?”

Manju Usra Bill Frackelton

Manju Usra Bill Frackelton began Rinzai Zen Buddhist practice in 1993. He took lay practitioner vows with Jun Po Kando Kelly in 1998 and was ordained as a lay priest in the Hollow Bones Order in 2003. Manju is a military veteran, retired social worker and prison chaplain. In addition to the Zen River Sangha practice community, he is active with a local group which supports formerly incarcerated persons in their successful return to our community.

Liaoran Bo Re Spencer Grey Kindred

Liaoran Bo Re Spencer Grey Kindred took jukai June 4, 2013, and was ordained on December 5, 2014.
His path has included conservative Lutheranism, paganism, ceremonial and chaos magic, frequent existential crises, colorful life choices, and a long stint of being a jerk.

Professionally, he writes and works in training, process improvement, project facilitation and leadership. He has a B.A. in Classical Civilization and English from Lawrence University and does not particularly enjoy soft bread or describing himself.

He does particularly enjoy people in general, writing and organizing, Marcus Aurelius, cephalopods, tabletop and computer gaming, crocheting, pens and paper, skulls in general, books, his extremely patient partner and his two Australian Cattle Dogs.