Support Us


The practice of cultivating generosity, the first of the Six Paramitas (Perfections). A generous spirit responds to what is needed and gives what is appropriate, freely.

Your donation supports Zen River Sangha in providing an environment for practice and growing a community in the Fox Valley area.

Like any organization which maintains a physical space, we require regular funding to pay for the property and the minimal furnishings. Our expenses are very low, with the largest expense being building we maintain for our practice.

In total we require only about $1000 a month to maintain stability.

We have roughly 30 individuals who practice at the zendo on a regular basis. About another 5 or 10 individuals come to learn about the practice every month, with some deciding to come back. Our financial support currently comes almost
entirely from very generous support from a fraction of those who come to the zendo regularly. To ease the burden on those few, we need additional support from others.

We are a registered Not-for-profit and our financial records are available for review.

Just to sustain our current expenses we need an average of $34 a month from each of those who practice with us regularly. For many, that is a significant amount and may be difficult. We ask that you donate according to your means.

Financial Support

A monthly donation is most helpful as it gives us a stable income and reduces the need for us to expend energy on regular fund raising

Other ways to help

  • Contact the Treasurer to set up automatic withdrawal from your bank account. This saves us PayPal fees and is our preference for long-term repeating donations.
  • Leave cash or checks in the donation basket when you visit the zendo
  • To donate supplies like incense, candles, coffee or tea, paper products and other necessities, please contact Etsudo.
  • Woodman’s Gift Cards are available to purchase.  ZRS gets a small percentage of each gift card you use to buy your normal groceries.
  • Purchase gift cards through the Scrip service which gives the sangha up to 16% of each sale
  • Talk with us in person for other ways to support the sangha, or email us to find out how to volunteer