Samu & Zendo Maintenance

Samu is the practice of physical work performed as mindful meditation. It is the classic tradition of “chop wood, carry water” and “wash your bowl” and is our opportunity to contribute to the sangha through acts of service such as cleaning, gardening, building maintenance, cooking and other practical tasks.

Opportunities for this form of practice are endless. We sometimes schedule periods of deliberate samu during or after our retreats or services, or special events when there is particular work to be done.

If you are interested in participating, please contact the committee head for Openers/Samu. Please also subscribe to our mailing list for samu events and updates.

When you attend our services and are able to stay for a few minutes afterwards or to come early, please consider engaging in samu. Tasks that always need to be done include brushing the cushions, dust-mopping the zendo, cleaning the bathrooms, vacuuming the common areas, etc.

Cleaning supplies can be found in the closet between the bathrooms. Brushes for the cushions are located in the supply closet inside the meditation hall.

Don’t hesitate to participate and to do what you see needs to be done!