ZRS Board Minutes – Nov. 11, 2017

Attendees: Kai Hui, Liaoran, Taiso, Jian Zhi

Convened at 10:15 am



  1. Financials
    1. Kai Hui:
      1. Offerings are about the same as the same time last year
      2. About $1,600 net positive this year so far compared to last year
      3. Current total assets $19,500 (actual cash position)
        1. A good portion of this is saved–functioning from generated income
          1. About $10,000 is earning minimal interest
          2. Kai Hui recommending investing in a safe way
          3. Taiso cautious due to tumultuous political climate combined with ZRS’s relatively short financial time horizon
          4. Alternatively, we could earn a little more interest in CDs
            1. Kai Hui to move on this
  2. Subcommittee Reports/Updates
    1. No update
    2. Call went out for openers for specific dates this month and next
    3. Building & Grounds doing leaf work now
    4. Call went out for contributions–shooting to publish by Thanksgiving
      1. Request went out with a new set of guidelines
      2. Taiso, Liaoran and Kai Hui all planning on submitting writings
      3. Place being held for Reishin’s deferred article
      4. One contribution came in from a Sangha member
  3. Review of comment cards & requests for board agenda topics
    1. Comment card: Reviewed library computer-related questions from Manju
    2. Comment card: Jonathan would like to do Mondo Zen
    3. Email from Amy re fundraising idea: establishing space as coworking or writing space
      1. Taiso: Would Amy want to be the person to facilitate this?
  4. Old Business
    1. Sutra book reordering:
      1. Friends of Zen took care of bill for 50 new sutra books–ZRS to reimburse them
    2. Fundraising:
      1. Newsletter would be good place to mention ideas arrived at during fundraising committee meeting
        1. Kai Hui to draft this
      2. In April, ZRS will be participating in the Irish Road annual rummage sale
        1. Feeling this out as a relatively simple option for a recurring fundraiser
  5. New Business
    1. Kai Hui thinking about taking responsibility for one social night per month
    2. Recognizing donors:
      1. Taiso: Kensho may be visiting sangha next year–would be nice to recognize his financial contributions in some way
        1. Liaoran: Maybe commission a brushwork scroll? Or a donor list?
        2. Not immanent… to think about
    3. New Year’s Party
      1. Taiso may be unable to facilitate due to travel
      2. Myoshin helped facilitate last year–Jian Zhi also interested

Adjourned at 11:05 am